Political ostracism means more woe for Qatar Airways

AFTER years of ascension, the three Gulf superconnectors, Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways, have recently suffered a bad spell. The low price of oil—usually a boon for airlines—has reduced spending power in oil-rich states, which has dampened demand for flights from the region. Terrorist attacks throughout the Middle East, too, have proved a deterrent. Then came Donald Trump. The president’s attempts to ban travel from some Muslim-majority countries put many off flying to America, which is a big market for these long-haul carriers. American restrictions on electronic devices on flights from the three carriers’ home airports to America made things even worse.

Qatar Airways must have hoped that the only way from here on in was upwards. Those hopes were dashed on July 5th when Qatar’s neighbours, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain, decided to sever diplomatic relations with the country, followed swiftly by others, including Egypt. The <a…Continue reading
Source: Business and Finance